At the Cheviot School of Motoring you can take

  Learner Driver, Pre Driving Test, Refresher, New Driver Act and Motorway Lessons. 

You can also study for the Theory Test

You can also obtain a quote for Learner Driver Insurance

, Learn to drive with confidence.

Learner Driver Lessons      

            Each driving lesson is tailored to your driving ability to help you learn quickly and with the minimum of stress. From your first lesson to your last you will be taught in a patient, friendly way with each lesson consisting of a full hours driving. You will be taught all the necessary driving skills, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency's (DVSA) recommended syllabus, to make you a safe and competent driver for life.

        All lessons are for one hour. Most pupils take two or three lessons a week but you can have more or less. The hardest and most expensive way to learn is to have only one lesson a week, as a large part of the lesson is spent trying to regain the skills you learnt the previous week. You will progress more having two lessons in one week than you would having three lessons one week apart.

Free Handouts

       I give my pupils free handouts to help with all aspects of learning to drive from directions to the theory test centres, difficult to find in Newcastle and Sunderland, to the "Tell me, show me" questions that the examiner will ask when you take your test. This means that you can learn at home saving you time, lessons and money.

Learner Driver Insurance

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The DSA recommends that the quickest way to learn to drive is to take lessons with an instructor and to get plenty of driving practice in your own car. Over the years I have noticed that pupils who do this learn a lot quicker and gain greater confidence than pupils who rely solely on lessons. Click on the above link  to obtain:

  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance
  • Drive parent's, relative or friends car without risk to their insurance or No Claims Bonus
  • After an initial 28 day policy you can renew on a 7, 28 or 84 day period
  • Learn to drive in any car (group 15 or below)
  • Instant policy cover and online certificate issue

You don't even have to be a pupil of the Cheviot School of Motoring to obtain cover!

The Theory Test

       The Cheviot School of Motoring offers unsurpassed online theory training for the DSA's theory test, using the latest and official DVSA questions and  hazard perception practice clips.


  • Topic Tests - a 1000+ questions are a lot to learn so the DVSA topics are broken into smaller bite sized topics meaning they can be worked on when you have a few moments to spare.
  •  Unlimited Mock Tests - the questions are randomly selected rather than having set tests so the chances of seeing the same set test twice is almost impossible
  • Theory Wizard - the wizard intelligently guides you from a complete beginner to test standard by focusing on the areas you have not yet covered and questions you have answered incorrectly     
  •  Explanations - explanations of the answers are provided on the testing screens 
  •  Hide some incorrect answers - this feature is a bit like a 50/50 option where you can choose to take away some of the incorrect answers 
  •  My Questions - this allows you to put questions aside for later rewiew
  •  Hazard Perception Clips - the official hazard perception clips so you won't get closer to the real thing
  •  My Videos - as with My Questions you can put videos aside for later review
  •  Road Signs - both testing and revision is available, although not part of the theory test this section provides essential learning
  •  Study 24/7 - from any internet enabled device or location to suit your timetable 
  •  Always up to date, - unlike books and CDs and much cheaper
  •  Full Access to a Support Team - available during normal working hours for any enquiries you may have

 Take a free mock Theory Test    or    Watch the Video                     

Pre Driving Test Lessons

     These lessons are ideal if you have been learning to drive with a friend or relative.  Why fail a driving test and then have to wait several weeks before retaking it ? A friend or relative cannot be fully up to date with the standard of driving the examiner will expect from you and they may even, without realising, be teaching you their bad habits. Some driving lessons, a few days before your test, will highlight any mistakes your're making,  get rid of any bad habits, and give you time to practice and prepare fully for the test.   

Refresher Lessons

     If you haven't driven for a while or are feeling nervous about driving after an accident, a few lessons will pinpoint any problems you may be having and will soon have you driving again with renewed confidence. I find that most pupils who come to me for refresher lessons feel capable to drive on their own again after about five lessons.

New Driver Act Lessons

    These lessons are for new drivers who have had their licence revolked after being given six or more penalty points by a magistrate's court. I can correct any driving faults that you may have gained since passing the test and help you to quickly regain your driving licence.

Motorway lesson

    This two hour lesson will dispel all your fears about motorways by teaching you how to drive on the A1 (M). You will drive to Scotch Corner in North Yorkshire and back learning how to join, leave, overtake and drive at high speed on one of England's busiest motorways.                                                                                                                         


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